Riding the Wall Art rollercoaster – Week 4 of MATS

Another week gone by like the wind. Last week’s subject of MATS was Wall Art, something I looked forward to a lot. I had envisioned making a collection of adhesive wall decals as sold on many websites, for the baby or children’s market. But our assignment called for a piece of wall art (like a painting to hang) targeting the female consumer between ages 25 to 45. The subject matter had to include at least 1 flower and lettering.

We were restricted to using 2 colours based on our astrological sign (yellow & red for me). Since I love drawing playful things with an abundance of colours, I felt restricted and, as a result, somewhat demotivated. I also don’t collect many knick-knacks and knew early on that I wouldn’t incorporate any physical objects into my piece. I’m also not too keen on having seemingly random items on a canvas; it seems so forced. Then there was the issue of not using copyrighted text and imagery – it has to be at least over 70 years old or from a Dover book.

To my delight, we were free to make our own ‘prints’. Using my old watercolours, I made my own papers, out of which I first made a physical collage with scissors and glue, and later a digital one. I also used some rubberstamps that I had made years ago, and some new ones just for this project. So much fun!


I came up with many expressions, most of them my own, to use for future collages. Drawing masks in Illustrator made the cutting a breeze, and so did the fact that I could always change my mind about placement. Not to mention the absence of messy glue and torn papers!


On the other hand, I enjoyed the tactility of cutting each piece by hand and the process of layering the papers.


Conclusion: Despite my resistance to some specifics of the brief, I ended up enjoying the process and the result (as with every assignment in this course!). Even more importantly, I look forward to making more wall art for myself as my portfolio grows.

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