Final Assignment: Zippered Pouch for Gift Market

When a week feels like a day, and a day like an hour, then you know you’re busy. This describes my sense of time during Lilla Rogers’ MATS part A that is ending this week.

Last week’s theme was the gift market, which is much bigger than I had realized. Walk into a gift store, especially the trendy type, and you’ll probably agree. Fridge magnets, pins, notebooks, lamp shades, bags and pouches, keychains, stationary and pens, and other knick-knacks are all part of it. Seeing the multitude of gift products out there make me think that there is a lot of opportunity for illustrators.

Our task for our last assignment was to design a zippered pouch that would be “hyper-lush”, as Lilla would say. She showed us examples for inspiration, some of them crammed to the max with icons and ‘photo-floral’ imagery. Photo-florals are photo-like images of flowers printed on items, rather than painted or digitally drawn. Lilla demonstrated with various examples from the fashion world how trendy photo-florals are this year.

My submission includes my own fruit labels and pre-1920s fruit and flowers. I also added some marbles from my collection and icons from previous assignments. I’m happy with the result and hope to take this further one day.


I will write a review of MATS part A next, but in the meanwhile there’s another deadline…for the next Spoonflower contest! Here’s my current entry: Strange Encounters for the Film Noir contest. I’ve been getting some really nice comments on it on Spoonflower, which I appreciate so much, even if I don’t get into the top 10. There are more than 250 contestants in this one.



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