My first sale on Spoonflower!

Yesterday I received an unexpected email from Spoonflower letting me know that somebody purchased some of ‘my fabric’, the Strange Encounters print, which is the only one I have for sale so far. I was ecstatic! What a wonderful feeling to know that someone likes my design enough to part with their hard-earned cash. What an honour that a complete stranger may want to sew something with fabric I designed. Possibly wear it on themselves or display it in their home. Such a personal matter. I don’t think I’m making it a bigger deal than it is – to me, it IS a big deal! Moments like this one keep me going and give me hope that perhaps hard work in this field can pay off eventually. As do the many lovely comments and ‘favourites’ that people on Spoonflower apply to some of my (few) designs. It blows me away, because I don’t know anyone in the Spoonflower community; hence, these people’s interest is genuine. Also, I hardly have any Facebook friends (oh the shame!) that could vote for me – I wouldn’t even be on FB if it weren’t for MATS. This is not to delve into self-pity but merely saying that these circumstances make me appreciate even more when someone likes what I do. Thank you, whoever you may be!

Of course I can’t let a week go by without revealing my entry for the current Spoonflower contest – voting starts today, until next Wednesday noon. The theme is giftwrap with mittens. Voila, Merry Mittens:


Here’s an alternative for someone who doesn’t like gingerbread houses:

In the meanwhile, my book project is hibernating…making patterns has me in its grips, I don’t know when I’ll be able to stop for a while…

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