What a difference a few votes can make…

After some delay, today Spoonflower published the voting tally for last week’s mittens contest. What a tease for me to see that my design is #11! With 12 more votes it would have been in the top 10, which means that the design would have been printed by Spoonflower, freeing it up for sale, instead of me having to order it first.


At any rate, I placed my first order last Thursday and it’s hard to wait to get my hands on it. It won’t ship for 10 days from ordering though, and with the holidays I expect a longer shipping period. But once Spoonflower processes it, all but 1 designs of mine will be available for sale, which is an exciting prospect.

Here is my contest entry of the week, a 1-yard wall Christmas tree hanging. The rules stated that any type of tree would be accepted, so I chose a palm tree in the tropics, with a jolly bunch of party animal fellows.

I also made a repeat design, “Jingly Jangly Jungly Holiday Party”:

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