A happy birthday with cake & pizza!

Finally I get to another passion of mine: baking! Hence the name of this blog, which is supposed to be a pun. Why does ‘cookie cutter’ have to have a negative association when most people seem to like cookies? :) I like cakes even better, but calling the blog ‘cake cutter design’ would have probably been quite a stretch.

Until MATS, I was working on a baking book, which has since been sleeping in the depths of my computer. The course has caused me to change my direction a bit, but I’m not planning to give up on my book.


On the happy occasion of my partner’s birthday, I baked two of my favourite cakes (and a pizza): chocolate cherry poundcake and Frankfurter Kranz, a German pastry originating in Frankfurt. The chocolate cake is inspired by the one my mom always made for my birthdays back in Germany. She always baked more than one cake but this one was the ‘regular’ that returned each year. Frankfurter Kranz I never even tasted until a few months ago when I veganized it, and its flavours and textures positively surprised me – shockingly tasty would be more accurate. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the buttercream-like frosting, but it’s not completely buttercream (secret!) which makes it taste more like cream cheese. The cake itself has a slight rum flavour and has a thin coating of red currant jam. Then the frosting sprinkled with candied almonds, topped with maraschino cherries – but since I don’t like their flavour and artificial ingredients I chose cranberries. The tartness contrasts well with the overall sweetness. OK, there are maraschino cherries out there that are free of fake colours and preservatives (I have only seen them at Whole Foods where I live) – but right now I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a specialty ingredient.


Do you like to bake? What is your favourite birthday cake? Any baking plans for the holidays?


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