Herr Schmidt’s Memories of Tyrol

I haven’t been missing a single Spoonflower contest entry since I first came across the website at the end of October. But this week’s contest I definitely didn’t want to miss: ‘retro skiing’ with a restricted colour palette. I don’t mind when sometimes the colours are specified by Spoonflower, as it saves me time to think only about the design. Colours are a whole thing in itself; as much as I always thought I had a knack for colour, it’s not as easy as I had always thought, as they can make or break a design.

My entry shows some of the memories, photos and mementos of “Herr Heinrich Schmidt”, who went there around valentine’s day of 1976 (entirely fictitious of course). Only on his second day, he wrote a postcard to his office subordinates, bragging about his vacation. Then things started going ‘downhill’, hahah! Karma took it out on Herr Schmidt. I won’t say any more – just look at the evidence yourself.

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