NYC Mini Culinary Tour

Yesterday I returned from a 1-week trip to New York City via Greyhound bus. During that time, I was kept away from my beloved computer, and although I had a well-worn laptop with me, I couldn’t use it for drawing. And while I missed it to the point of withdrawal symptoms, I wouldn’t have been in the necessary state of mind to produce something of value. Similarly, I lacked access to baking equipment – there was an oven, but no other baking tools or ingredients. And bringing all that with me from home, or buying it there, was out of the question. I’ve never been so happy to return to my computer and kitchen!

For me, going to NYC always means indulging in some of the many vegan establishments. Some things there can’t be found in Toronto, like a vegan ice cream parlor. Formerly known as Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, the place currently has no name following the divorce of the owner-couple this year. The place is open daily except Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3pm (to 11pm I believe). For some reason they have no phone number nor website, which means one has to go there in person for any information. Their ice cream is phenomenal, cashew, coconut, or soy-based. It is a tiny place furnished reminiscent of an old pharmacy with wooden cabinets. This is their Sundae – they are nice enough to split scoops, allowing to double up on the flavours. Here we have rum-raisin (out of this world!), chocolate, peanut butter, and mixed berry, topped with coconut whip cream, chocolate fudge sauce, walnuts (my choice of sprinkles), and a maraschino cherry free of artificial colours that actually tasted like cherry! I recommend that someone new to their Sundaes share one with another person as they seem too rich for one. Or simply try 2 scoops – remember, you can get 4 flavours! The staff offers a sample of every flavour on metal spoons (versus the typical plastic ones).


My favourite vegan bakery in NY is at Lifethyme, a health food store. Lots of variety, beautifully made, always offering some things that are less common out there. Their lemon pound cake and chocolate-peanutbutter Funny Bone (cake roll) are to die for. Every time I go there I hope to meet the baker(s) but haven’t had that luck yet.


We went to a restaurant called M.O.B. in Brooklyn on Christmas Eve, with the following (for our party of 4): cream of corn soup, curry popcorn, veggie burger, veggie dog, and a kale side dish. The food was not bad (bit on the salty side) but very expensive: the burger was $16 (vegan cheese $2 extra), by far the most expensive burger I’ve ever had. The hot dog was $14, again without the cheese. Small servings!


And finally something design-related: Here a little collage of the lovely mosaics at Court Square Station.



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