Utopia Animalia Magica – A show for and by animals!

Non-human animals, really.

Those of us who cringe at the thought of animals being forced to serve for human entertainment may sympathize with the sentiment behind this design. Bears with nose-rings forced to dance, tigers jumping through burning hoops, monkeys on bikes, or, in the case of magic shows, rabbits pulled out of hats by their ears (or in other ways) – with this one, I couldn’t resist reversing the roles. We’re all used to animals drawn in more or less ‘cutesy’ ways in designs, something I likely won’t stop anytime soon either. But animals running the show at the expense of humans (really only hinted at with Mr. Rabbit’s man in the hat – HIS man!) is uncommon, at least beyond the world of cartoons.

2 thoughts on “Utopia Animalia Magica – A show for and by animals!

  1. great design! I really like the colours you chose and the whole idea behind the design. I also like count catula a lot, he’s my favorite.

  2. Pinka, thanks so much for your comment – I’m glad it struck a chord with you. I’ll see how the voters liked it…

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