‘Veganish’ Design made the Top 10 of Magic Show Contest!?

When loading Spoonflower’s weekly top 10 page for their ‘magic show’ contest, I was shocked to see my name in the pool! Of course I’m always very grateful to make it to the top 10, and it was no likely occurrence with 120 contestants in this one (featuring many stunning designs). But I’m even more excited – and surprised – that this happened with my “Utopia Animalia Magica” design. It is, after all, somewhat critical of traditional entertainment involving non-human animals. And those types of shows aren’t going to disappear for probably a long time, if ever, which means that most people want such entertainment. Perhaps that message is more subtle than I thought in my drawings. What do *you* think when look at it? What comes to mind?

If you voted for me – many sincere thanks to you! Spoonflower contests mean a lot to me; much time, work and thought goes into each submission. Making the top 10 can be helpful in different ways: I don’t have to purchase a proof to make it available to the public (I can only buy and store so much fabric); it increases exposure in a highly competitive field, thus potentially increasing sales (which, in my 3rd month on Spoonflower, are still very humble); and it gives me motivation to continue pursuing my dream – to do surface design for a living one day. Could there be a better job than that?

Here are two close-ups that Spoonflower took of the fabric:


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