Happy Schmalentine’s Day!

It was another pleasant surprise to me when yesterday’s results of the Spoonflower contest themed “Anti-Valentine’s Day Cross-Stitch” placed me at # 7.

I loved how their notification email was more personalized this time, and read “Your entry placed in the top ten in our Anti-Valentine’s Design Challenge this week, congratulations! And, thanks for making everyone at the office smile with your witty designs (we loved them!).”

There were so many great, intricate entries that I believed would qualify for the top 10 but ended up ranking lower. These contests continue to surprise me and I consider them somewhat of a lottery. And just as I was doubting that anybody would purchase such a design, someone actually bought a top 10 fat-quarter bundle. The fact that they will receive it long *after* Valentine’s day makes this even stranger. But I won’t complain!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for this design!

Here is my entry “Happily Ever After”, and with that I wish you a happy Valentine’s or Schmalentine’s day, whichever you prefer.

Photos of the actual fabric can be viewed here:


Anti-Valentine's Day Cross Stitch Design Challenge Top Ten: Happily Ever After by christinewitte


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