The Big Splurge: Spoonflower Order #2

It felt like my birthday when my second Spoonflower order finally arrived. I could write a lot about shipment delays and custom charges, but I better just recommend to plan extra time for your order to arrive and, if you live outside the US, send Spoonflower an email before they ship asking for standard shipping, no matter what the total cost (unlike their website states, even orders under $250 sometimes ship with a tracked method, likely incurring customs fees). I must say, the Spoonflower help team is great, although sometimes their first reply takes a few days. I do feel that they value my opinion and me having a positive fabric-experience.


I’m very happy with my fabrics. I ordered my Floral Fantasy Quilt along with all coordinates of that collection as swatches, as well as one of those prints as a yard. I also ordered 1 and 2 yards of various prints on Kona-cotton to make clothing out of from the Blackforest Kitchen and the Maypole collections. I like Kona: much softer than basic cotton, but I can’t say yet how the two compare over time. Expect colours to be paler on basic cotton than e.g. organic cotton knit and cotton ultra.

Now I need a few patterns (dress, shirt) to narrow down my options. Do you, dear reader, have any online suggestions for free and easy dress-making patterns? If that’s not an oxymoron!

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