Recipe of the Month: Vanilla & Chocolate Pudding w/ Raspberry Sauce

If you find baking too complicated and sometimes just crave something relatively quick and easy for dessert, or to bring to a potluck, then this may be the solution: vanilla or chocolate pudding, or layering them both in a dish!

When I see that pouches of pudding or custard mix powder are sold at stores, sometimes very expensively (as with organic varieties), then I wonder why anyone would bother buying something so easy and much cheaper to make from scratch. Of course one could spend even more on puddings sold in plastic containers. But if you care about minimizing waste and questionable ingredients (including sugar), then that’s no option anyway.

Whenever you create anything yourself, you have the most control over what goes into it. Feel free to adjust the amount of sugar to taste and to add flavoured extracts to your liking, e.g. almond, lemon or mint.

The raspberry sauce, a popular ‘pudding-condiment’ in Germany, is surprisingly sweet when only using raspberries, but obviously you could add some maple syrup or sugar to  add sweetness. If you dislike the seeds, simply strain the sauce through a fine sieve.

One note on bringing soymilk to a boil (on medium heat): just before boiling point, soymilk will (just like cow’s milk) quickly rise up and easily overflow. Therefore, keep an eye on your soymilk and whisk occasionally to keep from scorching. Once it boils, work quickly: whisk in the slurry and stir like mad for a minute, then remove from stove. No fear; it really is easy.

2 thoughts on “Recipe of the Month: Vanilla & Chocolate Pudding w/ Raspberry Sauce

    1. I personally would try 1 tablespoon vanilla extract for maximum vanilla flavour! If that sounds like too much to you, you may get good results by simply using vanilla-flavoured “milk”. But nothing beats vanilla bean in flavour (health food stores now also sell it ground).

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