Time to think about Christmas…

…if you’re an illustrator, that is. This is the time of year for the paper market (and probably others as well) to decide on their holiday designs. Holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day are long over in their books for this year.

As counter-intuitive as it felt given the season, I drew this holiday illustration over the last few days for Lilla Rogers’ Making Art that Sells (part B). We were to design a holiday card incorporating a gingerbread-house made of candy. While at it, I almost forgot about the holiday part, all immersed in wafers, truffles and lollipops!

This is my presentation sheet for the course, showing coordinates as well, but that’s only the beginning. With so many details in the drawing, I can get a lot more patterns out of it. Perhaps this will prove therapeutic for my chocolate addiction?


led to this!


9 thoughts on “Time to think about Christmas…

    1. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Barbi! I have made several patterns that I will upload onto Spoonflower (fabric, giftwrap) tomorrow – but they won’t be for sale until I order them (probably May). As far as stationary cards, I’m planning to make some for sale tomorrow on Society6. There will also be pillows, tote bags and t-shirts at some point.

    1. Oh Amy, thank you for your kindness! Yes, this is a fun subject matter – I’d love to see your own take on it!

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