In a time warp: MATS continued – Week 2 (part B)

With already 2 weeks of Lilla Rogers’ MATS course (part B) behind me, time flies so fast, it seems surreal. Similar to when I took part A, a day feels more like an hour and a week like a day when I’m completely immersed in making art. But now I feel more at ease with the assignments, a sentiment I have heard from some class mates as well.

This may have something to do with my participating in every Spoonflower contest since early November last year, except one: Chinese Paper Cuttings. That’s 21 contests in 5 months – a whole lot of practice in that!

As Lilla often says, keep making art! I hope she won’t mind me sharing this quote here: “If you want to get better, and make better art more often, the secret is simply to keep making art. And not just any art, but to try new things, to stretch and grow, rather than recycling old ideas.” I try to stay as far away as possible from idolatry (did you notice?) but Lilla is a very inspiring teacher and a pleasure to listen to. She makes people feel good about themselves and their art, which in turn makes them more keen on doing more art – why can’t all teachers be more like that?

This week’s topic was baby apparel with a pirate theme. We were to provide a page full of any art we wanted related to this theme. I chose my Treasure Island at Noon print as the main one and made several coordinates. Then I created some clothing mockups, which turned out to be highly addictive. So much fun! I’m not very fond of pirate characters, which caused me to prioritize other icons – there is one pirate though! Can you find it?


2 thoughts on “In a time warp: MATS continued – Week 2 (part B)

  1. I think I see the pirate….is that his head in the water where the palm tree is? This is sooooo darling, what a fab collection. What baby wouldn’t look just adorable in these pieces?!

    1. Thank you, Amy! Yes, you found the pirate (on an island, not water though). Hahah – imagine a print that makes babies look ugly..! :) Probably impossible! How’s that for a SF contest!?

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