“Old Town” products on Society 6

As I was uploading files onto my Society 6 shop today, I found out that today they are having a free international shipping day!

These are some examples of products that are now for sale on Society 6 with my Old Town seasonal prints. If you decide to purchase anything but prefer a different scale, I may be able to customize the file for you. Just leave me a comment.

Picture 25

Old Town Nostalgia – 4 seasonal colourways

Spoonflower’s contest of the week’s theme is “neighborhoods”, for which I drew pretty much my favourite subject matter: built and natural environments, here in the form of old houses and trees. Some of the houses, in turn, belong to my favourite house styles, featuring timber frames. There are different types of half-timbered houses in the world, and an even greater variety within each style.

As back with Spoonflower’s herb garden theme, for the neighbourhood contest I drew things I’ve been fond of (and wanted to live in) since childhood. Dreams that never fulfilled themselves. If you can’t have it (or be near it), at least you can draw something like it. I don’t know why, but I find there is some comfort in that.

Old Town Nostalgia by Christine Witte
Old Town in Spring
Old Town in Summer
Old Town in Fall
Old Town in Winter

Bug, Bird & Butterfly Garden on Society 6

For Spoonflower’s beetle contest, I have drawn a garden design with various bugs, birds, butterflies, flowers and rainbows. There is also a coordinate with different flowers and without birds that is a bit more orderly (Fall Garden). These designs are too new to be for sale yet on Spoonflower BOTH DESIGNS NOW FOR SALE on Spoonflower. Also for sale as art prints, pillows, tote bags, duvet covers and shower curtains on Society 6.

Bug, Bird & Butterfly Garden
Fall Garden
Fabric image by spoonflower.com
Fabric image by spoonflower.com
Throw pillow on Society 6
Tote bag on Society 6
Duvet cover on Society 6
Shower curtain on Society 6


Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike: 5 colourways

My design “Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike” was voted #4 in Spoonflower’s hiking contest – thank you to all who contributed to making this happen.

I wanted to share the different colourways I have in my shop (just ordered proofs; they should be up for sale by the end of August). I love limited palettes, but Spoonflower’s choice of colours for this contest did not agree very much with me. My first and lasting thought was “1989”. In an effort to make it all less clashing, I omitted the violet and the dark green. But I knew I had to make the design in at least one other colourway, so here they are:

“Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike (red)” by Christine Witte
“Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike (blue)” by Christine Witte
“Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike (turquoise)” by Christine Witte
“Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike (brown)” by Christine Witte
“Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike” (contest version) by Christine Witte
“Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike” by Christine Witte

August 19/20: free-swatch-day at Spoonflower

Today, starting at 12pm (noon) EST for 24 hours, Spoonflower will give away 1 free swatch per household of its new “eco canvas” fabric. You can choose from any designs that are available in the Spoonflower marketplace. International free shipping (of the swatch only).

For easy visual instructions, click here:

Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike

My latest design shows Little Red Riding Cat on her way to her grandma’s house, with a scenery of forest, food, and of course ‘the wolf’. I made it in a specified palette for Spoonflower’s current hiking contest, which takes place here. You can view close-ups of the design here.

Votes get tallied Wednesday, Aug. 20 at noon eastern time, although the voting page always stays up until the next contest starts.

I am a little conflicted about even mentioning current contests here, but I see that this is common practice among many top contestants on Spoonflower and elsewhere. Needless to say, please vote for whatever you like.

Picture 20

My 30-contest-9-month Spoonflower anniversary

I did a count the other day to see how many Spoonflower contests I have participated in by now. And I was astounded at the number: 30 contests in the 9 months that I’ve been on Spoonflower. That’s between 3 and 4 contests per month; I skipped 6 contests, and during the annual “staff challenge” no other contest took place. For the record, it took me 7 months (or 25 entries) to achieve a number one.

Here is my 30th contest entry: Recent Arrivals for the current theme “backpacks”. This is my first true half-drop repeat, which I wanted to do in order to make the conveyor belt (hence overall repeat) look more interesting. I found it a bit trickier to make a half-drop repeat with a path crossing through than with a scattered design. But I love the resulting yard view, which you can see here if you select “Yards” under fabric options.

“Recent Arrivals” by Christine Witte

If you’d like to vote for any of the current contest designs, click here.  Votes stop being counted every Wednesday, NOON Eastern Standard Time.