My 30-contest-9-month Spoonflower anniversary

I did a count the other day to see how many Spoonflower contests I have participated in by now. And I was astounded at the number: 30 contests in the 9 months that I’ve been on Spoonflower. That’s between 3 and 4 contests per month; I skipped 6 contests, and during the annual “staff challenge” no other contest took place. For the record, it took me 7 months (or 25 entries) to achieve a number one.

Here is my 30th contest entry: Recent Arrivals for the current theme “backpacks”. This is my first true half-drop repeat, which I wanted to do in order to make the conveyor belt (hence overall repeat) look more interesting. I found it a bit trickier to make a half-drop repeat with a path crossing through than with a scattered design. But I love the resulting yard view, which you can see here if you select “Yards” under fabric options.

“Recent Arrivals” by Christine Witte

If you’d like to vote for any of the current contest designs, click here.  Votes stop being counted every Wednesday, NOON Eastern Standard Time.

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