My 1-Year Spoonflower Anniversary – Tea Towel Calendar & Pattern

It’s been exactly one year since I set up my Spoonflower account and entered my first contest. The year went by like the wind, in part due to the 42 contest entries I created – including my current one, 2015 In Bloom, for the annual tea towel contest. If you like my design, please include it in your votes – thank you.

The towel is already for sale and was designed to be printed in the dimensions of linen-cotton canvas – one for $14 or four (= 1 yard) for $27. However, it is also possible to purchase it on paper as gift wrap or as wallpaper, and then cut them up into individual calendars.

I also created a matching repeat pattern, In Bloom – here is an excerpt:

Happy Lunch Hour: MATS Bolt Fabric Assignment

The first week of MATS has now passed and today was the deadline for our first assignment in the bolt fabric category – theme “Vintage Pyrex Dishes & Root Vegetables”. Creating many repeat patterns for Spoonflower in the past year made this assignment particularly enjoyable for me. However, I also made it a point to sway a little from the style I’ve been getting comfortable with in the last few months, primarily by heavily applying line drawings and hand lettering. I also made my pattern a bit messier and looser than usual, which I enjoyed for a change. I could picture this design as suitable for baby and children’s apparel, stationary, kitchen ware, etc, in the form of a pattern or as placement art. Here is my submission:

Today I also created a repeat pattern of the main design Happy Lunch Hour, with coordinates to follow, for Spoonflower.

Picture 68

Eclectic Clock Collection – Fabric Images

I’m very happy that my entry for Spoonflower’s clock contest has placed #3 – this was a close one, with the winner receiving 418 votes and my design 410! But it’s always a pleasant surprise for me to be in the top 10 at all. Thank you to anyone who voted for it. You can view the rankings of all submissions here.

These are Spoonflower’s fabric images of my “Eclectic Clock Collection”:


Vintage Brollies in Downpour win Umbrella Contest!

To my delight, my design “Vintage Brollies in Downpour” has won Spoonflower’s umbrella contest – it received an unbelievable 638 votes amongst 353 designs. I am a little bit surprised, because I tend to measure my designs by their level of intricacy – and this design is just not *as* elaborate as many of my other designs; I’m thinking of my scenic layouts like Herbie’s Allotment Garden or Old Town Nostalgia. Over the course of almost 1 year on Spoonflower I have learned so much, and my latest lesson is that the amount of  time I spend drawing on a design does not predict its success. Mind you, with my umbrellas I did spend an agonizing amount of time on choosing the ‘right’ palette – once I decided on various shades of blue, adding the rain-like texture made so much sense and tied everything together.

I want to give anyone who voted for this design, and those who commented on it, my heartfelt thanks – it feels very special and lucky to me to win a Spoonflower contest. It is always humbling to see so many other great designs. I’m happy that mine was received so well.

These are Spoonflower’s photo images:

Top 10 Fat Quarter Bundle – Umbrella Contest

Free international shipping on Spoonflower!

In case you haven’t heard and are interested, Spoonflower is having 24 hours of FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for any size order, starting Monday, October 13, 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time.

This could be a great opportunity for you to:

– upload and order your own design(s)

– order designs you have ‘favourited’ or considered purchasing before

– do some of your early Christmas shopping for fabric, gift wrap, and possibly wallpaper

I know what will keep me busy until Tuesday morning…

“Vintage-y Housewarming Party” Card

Today I put together this card with a housewarming theme. I had actually planned to make 4 cards with different themes (over the course of this weekend) for an online card contest I was really excited about. But when reading the website’s terms and conditions (agreeing to which would mean forfeiting all rights to the design), I decided not to enter. Instead, I’ll share it here with you!

Nutcracker Winter Forest – fabric images

I’m very lucky once again for my nutcracker design to have placed #6 in this week’s Spoonflower contest (ballet theme). Many thanks to anyone who included it in their votes!

At first, I didn’t want to enter this contest as I don’t consider myself a “ballet person” (whatever that means, I’ve actually never attended one) – but as so often, my better designs were often made for my less favourite themes. A strange phenomenon! But I’m glad that once inspiration strikes, drawing for any theme can be enjoyable.

Here are the photos that Spoonflower took of my design:


You can view the whole “ballet top 181” (showing all entries) here.

Decorative Doll House Design

Last week’s Spoonflower contest theme was “Tables & Chairs”, for which I made a dollhouse design that I haven’t shared here yet. It features 6 different rooms separated by shingles on the horizontal. There is a dining room, a living room, a book/reading room, a kitchen, a party room and a plant room, with various animals. Unfortunately I can’t present any fabric images yet as this design didn’t place in the top 10 (it ranked #12).

Fabrics in the mail!

A few days ago I received a big Spoonflower order of some of my latest designs. After going through the always laborious task of photographing the fabrics and turning those images into presentable files, I figured I might as well share some of them here.

I am always delighted to receive my fabrics, but this time I was especially excited about the fact that I had ordered several yards of organic cotton knit. I love the quality of this fabric so much – it is relatively heavy (compared to the average t-shirt knit) and very soft to the touch. My other favourite fabric at Spoonflower so far is cotton poplin, which renders a crisp print and is perfect for dresses, shirts, pajamas, quilts, and more.

Which is your favourite fabric type at Spoonflower?


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