Vintage Brollies in Downpour win Umbrella Contest!

To my delight, my design “Vintage Brollies in Downpour” has won Spoonflower’s umbrella contest – it received an unbelievable 638 votes amongst 353 designs. I am a little bit surprised, because I tend to measure my designs by their level of intricacy – and this design is just not *as* elaborate as many of my other designs; I’m thinking of my scenic layouts like Herbie’s Allotment Garden or Old Town Nostalgia. Over the course of almost 1 year on Spoonflower I have learned so much, and my latest lesson is that the amount of  time I spend drawing on a design does not predict its success. Mind you, with my umbrellas I did spend an agonizing amount of time on choosing the ‘right’ palette – once I decided on various shades of blue, adding the rain-like texture made so much sense and tied everything together.

I want to give anyone who voted for this design, and those who commented on it, my heartfelt thanks – it feels very special and lucky to me to win a Spoonflower contest. It is always humbling to see so many other great designs. I’m happy that mine was received so well.

These are Spoonflower’s photo images:

Top 10 Fat Quarter Bundle – Umbrella Contest

2 thoughts on “Vintage Brollies in Downpour win Umbrella Contest!

  1. Congratulations! I think the beauty of this design and the reason it stood out in the contest is the right amount of simplicity and detail. Sometimes very elaborate designs kind of get lost in the voting process, when you scroll through the hundreds of designs. Even though I try to take time to look at each design when I vote, I’m sometimes very surprised when I see the top 10 and there are wonderful designs I didn’t even notice:) That doesn’t mean the elaborate designs aren’t awesome, it’s just that there’s so many great designs in the spoonflower contest these days:)

    1. Thank you, Petra – I think you’ve made a good point about elaborate designs sometimes getting lost in the shuffle. Scale plays a big part as well. Thanks for your input!

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