Lush Winter Garden: fabric images

Another week that I was fortunate to place in the top 10 of Spoonflower’s contest, “winter toile” in a monochromatic palette as the theme. My drawing was inspired by the botanical or floral style of toile du jouy. These are photos of the fabric, taken by Spoonflower. The design is available as fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper here. You can view all of the contest entries here.

These are some of the pen sketches I used for the design:

There were so many stunning entries that were a lot more toile-style than mine. Here is one of my very favourites, by the extremely skilled and talented Vincent Desjardins. I love so many things about this design, including the wind-blowing cloud man, the black lab, the little house tucked behind a hill, the snow man and the beautiful style of every illustration. Click on it to see it in swatch- and yard view, or to purchase it.

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