My 50th-Contest Anniversary Design: SOS Antarctica

I can hardly believe it but it’s true: yesterday, I entered my 50th Spoonflower contest, theme “Penguins”. Ever since coming across Spoonflower, I’ve been entering their contests almost every week, and to this date I still haven’t come across one I like more. One thing that is very important to me when entering design contests is retaining the rights to my design. Except for certain contests like Fabric8, Spoonflower only obtains the non-exclusive right to print the design on fabric, gift wrap or wallpaper, for which the designer receives a 10% commission. Most design contests I have seen require entrants to give up all rights when winning (even excluding personal use), often even when entering a contest without winning. I like to hold on to my designs in order to be able to submit them to companies for potential licensing.

Here is my penguin design, a carefully researched variety of Antarctic flora and fauna: penguins, albatrosses, snow petrels, blue whales, collosal squids, leopard seals, icefish, krill, algae, hair grass & pearlwort. I was happy to see that there are at least two flowering plants at home in the antarctic, lending themselves well to this design – I drew them, stylized of course, from different perspectives.

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