Woodland Woodchucks – a spring design

Where I live, it’s the middle of winter with temperatures in the minus range, short days and not much colour around. It may not be surprising then that for this week’s Spoonflower contest theme (groundhogs), I drew a cheerful spring scene in a bright palette in my usual graphic stylized way. It features groundhogs (also known as woodchucks, a name I prefer) and various other animals. The design has a forest environment but also hints at grain fields, an aerial view of woods and a swan pond. There are daffodils and lilies, seedlings and grasses, clouds, rain and rainbows. The fox is chasing a groundhog up a tree (foxes are their predators), one is flying a kite in stormy spring weather, two are emerging from their dens, and there are babies around as well. Each icons has a paper texture look to it.

If you’d like to vote for my groundhog scene this week, please click on the image; it will take you to the contest. Thank you!


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