Woodland Woodchucks win Contest

To my delight, my design Woodland Woodchucks won first place in Spoonflower’s groundhog contest, making this my sixth #1 win! I feel flattered and grateful that it was so well received – a big thank you to anyone who liked it enough to include it in their votes! I made a small collection with some patterns in many colours matching the main design, some of which are shown below.

I’d like to point out that groundhogs vary in their fur colours and patterns. Some have white markings on their chest, many do not. Some groundhogs have lots of light mixed with darker fur. I drew little triangles and dots on their tails to imply this trait and the texture of fur. According to Wikipedia, “Despite their heavy-bodied appearance, groundhogs are accomplished swimmers and occasionally climb trees when escaping predators or when they want to survey their surroundings.” Last but not least, of course I took the liberty to stylize the animals, as I did with everything else, consistent with my style.

These are photos of the fabric taken by Spoonflower:

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