Mojave Desert: Dusk & Dawn for Baby Bedding Contest

I don’t often blog about contests before they are over, but sometimes, when I feel I might have a better chance with my entry and there is a special prize to be won, I present it here and encourage you to vote – if and what designs you vote for is entirely your decision, obviously. This week’s Spoonflower contest theme is ‘South West Baby Bedding’, which refers to the general American and South American area (a very broad range!). Carousel Designs will choose one design of the top 10 for a baby bedding collection.

My design is completely pen-drawn and features turtles, owls, hummingbirds, salamanders, millipedes, road runners, rabbits and foxes, flowers & flowering cacti, among other icons. I was inspired the many beautiful features of the Mojave Desert – do an online search of images of this desert and you may agree that the landscapes and its life forms are just stunning.

My palette, which┬áI consider gender-neutral, is intentionally soft and pastel to be suitable for even very young babies. I tried to not make it clichee with many Native American symbols but I couldn’t resist including a dream catcher and a few teepees (tents, really) for their ornamental and geometric values.

If you are inclined to vote, please feel free to proceed to the contest page here. Thank you! :)

This is a cropped image of my design (click to see it on Spoonflower in fat quarter, swatch and the repeat in yard-view):

Hide & Seek with Fifi

Once again I count myself lucky to have made it in Spoonflower’s top 10, this time for their beagles contest. I had originally hoped to make a scene with icon-overload but had only one day to make this design. Keeping it simple, here is Fifi the beagle doing his or her business in the blooming springtime park. :) This design is available for sale on fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper. Many thanks to anyone who voted for it!

Loony Spoony Yard Sale

Last week’s Spoonflower theme was ‘spoons’, for which I drew a variety of spoons with flowers, berry-like shapes and the occasional mushroom, with a textured background to look like on an old tablecloth. My entry “Loony Spoony Yard Sale” made it to the top 10 and I wanted to share Spoonflower’s fabric images. Many thanks to anyone who voted for it – I always appreciate it very much!

Nordic Suzani Floral

Last week, Spoonflower’s contest theme was using only using their specified palette of coral, mint, black and white. I was lucky to make it to #4, out of 674 participants – many thanks to anyone who included it in their (unsolicited!) votes! My design also comes on Spoonflower in other colourways and as a folded greeting card in my Etsy shop.

These are Spoonflower’s photos of the fabric: