FABRIC GIVEAWAY for bloggers who sew!

I am excited to be offering an exchange of fabric for a feature of a finished garment or accessory made with my fabrics on your blog! One person gets selected, but I may contact others who are interested in the future for a similar project.

❤ You are proficient at sewing.
❤ You have a blog or website where you will publish photos of your finished project in action (i.e. modeled by a child).
❤ You love fabrics designed by Christine Witte.
❤ You will sew a project for children; a piece of clothing or accessory, as agreed on with me.

Enter by leaving me a comment here or on my Facebook page by June 9, 2015, midnight EST. Tell me what you would sew with my fabric and who you would make it for! The winner will be announced June 12, 2015.

You can view all my current repeat patterns here.

Pickles from the Old Garden

As mentioned the other day, I recently spent one month traveling, away from the computer and other equipment I use for my drawings. Anticipating withdrawal symptoms (from drawing, that is!), I brought along an old, heavy laptop with a very old version of Illustrator and my mouse. I thought, how bad could it be?

Well, let’s just say that drawing digitally while traveling felt very different to me from drawing at home. Being mobile every day and having a limited time to do travel-related things, I rarely had the sense of calm and focus as I have at home when drawing. And then there is nothing like a large screen, a scanner to scan sketches, and the Illustrator version I am used to. And a steady surface to place my mouse on. :) Needless to say, certain stylistic elements were out of the question (pen-drawings, textures).

I ended up making most of my design “Pickles from the Old Garden” in hotels and in airports at the end of my trip. Given all that, I was surprised that it ended up reaching #2 at Spoonflower’s pickle contest. This element of surprise is one of the wonderful things about these contests. Many thanks to anyone who voted for it. These are the fabric images:

This design is now available on various fabric types, wallpaper and gift wrap (click on any image).

Pillow by Carousel Designs

My pillow came in recently from Carousel Designs, printed with my design “Mojave Desert: Dusk & Dawn”. I’m impressed with the quality – it even has piping all around the sides. It’s nice to know that it was sewn in the USA. Thank you, Carousel Designs!

My latest fabric images: Islands & Bees

After a month of being on the road, I am back and now have some catching up to do. To my delight, my design “Islands of Hawaii: Flora & Fauna” won first place in Spoonflower’s island contest. It was dedicated to plant and animal life on the Hawaiian islands. Later in the bee contest, I was fortunate to place in the top 10 as well. Since I was unable to post anything while away, here are Spoonflower’s fabric images.