Pickles from the Old Garden

As mentioned the other day, I recently spent one month traveling, away from the computer and other equipment I use for my drawings. Anticipating withdrawal symptoms (from drawing, that is!), I brought along an old, heavy laptop with a very old version of Illustrator and my mouse. I thought, how bad could it be?

Well, let’s just say that drawing digitally while traveling felt very different to me from drawing at home. Being mobile every day and having a limited time to do travel-related things, I rarely had the sense of calm and focus as I have at home when drawing. And then there is nothing like a large screen, a scanner to scan sketches, and the Illustrator version I am used to. And a steady surface to place my mouse on. :) Needless to say, certain stylistic elements were out of the question (pen-drawings, textures).

I ended up making most of my design “Pickles from the Old Garden” in hotels and in airports at the end of my trip. Given all that, I was surprised that it ended up reaching #2 at Spoonflower’s pickle contest. This element of surprise is one of the wonderful things about these contests. Many thanks to anyone who voted for it. These are the fabric images:

This design is now available on various fabric types, wallpaper and gift wrap (click on any image).

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