Fabric8: Botanical Sketchbook

It’s the time of year again when Spoonflower is holding their most popular contest: Fabric8. This year, Spoonflower is collaborating with Moda Fabrics, who will offer the contest winner a fabric license based on the winning collection.

For the first round, 100 designs were selected by Moda (out of how many, we can only guess, but it must be close to 1000 based on previous years). Next Thursday, the 8 designs that received the most votes will be announced – and the lucky designers are then required to each create a collection. Round two involves voting for any of these eight collections, and the designer with the most votes wins.

I was fortunate to make it into the first round with my “Field Guide to Wildflowers”. It features vintage-inspired, pen-drawn wildflowers, birds and mushrooms, textures, and hand-lettered flower names. If you like it, please show your support by including it in your votes! Voting takes place here until Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 12pm (noon) EST. Thank you!

You can view my design in swatch, fat quarter and yard view here.

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