Fabric8 Q&A with Spoonflower

Each year, Spoonflower conducts little “interviews” (I think of them as Q&A sessions) with the Fabric8 finalists. If you’d like to read mine, you can do so here. You’ll learn the significance of this gorgeous wall art! :)

I’m a Fabric8 Finalist!

This is not exactly news anymore, as the results were revealed a week ago, but I’d like to add for the record: I made it into the Fabric8 finals with my “Field Guide to Wildflowers” design! You can view all eight finalists’ designs here.

I was shocked to receive the notification – there were so many outstanding designs in this contest, totaling close to 800, and I had no illusions that I’d make it this far. My heartfelt thanks to anyone who gave me their vote. It’s a dream of mine to work with a company on a fabric collection, or other surface design products. Although I am not kidding myself that I’ll win, it is encouraging to be a little bit closer to that goal, even if only for a short while.

Winning or not, I will gladly design the remaining three pieces of the collection, available for voting in October along with the other contestants’ collections. One nice thing about not hoping too hard to win is to loosen up a bit and have more fun drawing. While dreaming up, drawing and composing a design, anything else is irrelevant to me but enjoying the process.

Ah, the art of winning and losing design contests. Fellow Spoonflorist Ceri Staziker recently wrote a great article for Spoonflower on the former (not the losing part, hah) and asked me for input. You can read it here – I hope it will inspire you!