Fitness Contest Winner

The title sounds as if this is about a fitness competition. Nothing could be further from reality – but I did win Spoonflower’s last contest, which was fitness themed! And drawing icons representing various sports made me want to get more involved in certain sports, especially swimming, one of my favorite activities.

I’m fascinated by how many swimming badges – with different levels – one can achieve in Germany. One of particular interest to me is the almost extinct “Totenkopfschwimmer” (engl. death’s head or skull swimmer), which comes at three levels: 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours need to be swum continuously at a time. But in order to even get admitted to such a test, one needs to master less difficult levels of swimming. I like that each level gets awarded with a cloth badge that can be sewn on one’s swim suit. I included adapted versions of two of them in my design: “Freischwimmer” and “Fahrtenschwimmer”, blue and white designs in use in Germany from the 1950s to 1980s. Now I feel really old, because I remember the designs well!



Recent Work

This is some recent pattern work I didn’t come around to showing here before:




This one is for Spoonflower’s current design contest, themed “Fitness”:


It features archery, badminton, ballooning, bowling, canoeing, cycling, running, skating, soccer, skiing, swimming, table tennis, tennis and chess (classified as a sport!), as well as wind, rain and snow.

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