Let The Good Times Roll!

My latest pattern I created for the current Spoonflower “Rock ‘n’ Roll” contest – it was fun to draw some of the major things I associate with rock (while omitting the more controversial ones). Big hair, music records and tapes, amps, microphones, guitar and picks, drums, cowboy boots, stage lights, as well as stars and lightning. And a beverage bottle, made to look more like a soft drink rather than alcohol. I named the design after The Cars’ song, of course, which is a synth-pop style of rock of my favorite era, the mid 1970s to mid 1980s.


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As a former metal and punk fan during my teens, memories returned of my favorite bands at the time. Metallica with their dynamic and melodious compositions and non-sexist lyrics (a rarity at the time, perhaps still!). Or hyper-intellectual Bad Religion with their harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics. Then there was Faith no More and their singer’s creative and funny side project Mr. Bungle. And so many more whose music I loved and still have on my shelf, gathering dust. But no band has topped my favorite to date, the beyond-words-impressive Alan Parsons Project (classified as “progressive rock”, but whom I believe are impossible to categorize). And while on YouTube listening to old tunes, I came across this hilarious video that might make you laugh as well. Twisted Sister’s style has never been my taste in music (or otherwise, hah!), but this is such good fun.

Delft Windows

My monochromatic “Delft Windows” made #4 in Spoonflower’s window-themed contest (actually, it’s a tie with #3) – yay! A big thank you to anyone who included it in their votes and for all the wonderful comments on the design page. I made it on the night of the deadline and ended up too tired to color it, hence the decision to turn it all Delft-blue. Here is a fabric image (courtesy of Spoonflower):