Mountain Animals contest…against all odds

It’s been over a year since I last entered a Spoonflower surface design contest, something I used to do on a weekly basis some years ago. How times have changed!

While working on the last stages of my entry for Spoonflower’s current ‘Mountain Animals’ contest, my computer shut down unexpectedly. After some experimenting (simply plugging it into outlets caused short circuits in my whole apartment), I brought it into a repair place. While I have since recovered my hard drive allowing me access to my files, I am still awaiting a diagnosis of the issue at hand. With one thing being assured of right off the bat: that my computer can’t be fixed because Apple stops producing parts for each model after 5 years. Gotta love them.

I feel like writing an obituary. When I bought my 24″ iMac back in 2009, I was brand new to the world of digital illustration, and I was shocked at the financial investment as the price of admission. The computer that could handle large graphic files and proprietary vector and accompanying software (hello, CS4!) were only the beginning and seemed to be reserved for a higher earning segment of the population.

But I took the plunge and enjoyed almost 8 years of creative bliss with my beloved companion. It was the first computer I did not only not hate, no, I loved it because there were never any problems. I indulged in GarageBand and iMovie to create songs and matching videos – what a joy!

It was only 6 months ago after getting an older iPhone when things suddenly took a bad turn. A sequence of events prompted me to reluctantly install El Capitan, a controversial and poorly rated OS X, presumably in order to set up my iPhone. The problems were instant and became so many and bizarre that they were hard to keep track of. In the weeks leading up to my iMac’s death, they seemed to kick it up another notch. 10 years or more I could get out of it, I was told when buying it. Yes, I’m still mourning, especially considering how the prices have risen since then, and being in Germany doesn’t help it.

If you’re still with me :) I was able to finish my design on an old laptop from 2004 (which goes to show how much potential my iMac still had). It was completed between two 5am work shifts, something I want to remind myself of in order to get more into drawing again. What other priorities could one have on chronic sleep deprivation and with only a few hours each day for all tasks related to something called life?

Before I keep rambling on, my design, voteable for here until Feb. 8 around noon Eastern Standard time (18:00 Central Euro Time), if you’re so inclined:

Thank you for reading and possibly your condolences. :)