World Vegan Day

November 1 is world vegan day, which prompted this long-term vegan to get her pens out and computer on again after months of creative inactivity due to day job constraints.

Although veganism is a subject dear to my heart, I am usually a closeted vegan to avoid the stigma, hostility and fruitless discussions that sooner or later come up in mainstream society.

So much I could write here, but today I will only present my little drawing featuring some of the most consumed animal species worldwide (not shown are ducks, rabbits, turkeys, geese and goats, all part of the top 10).

I will also include a possibly not very well internationally known song that touches on the subject of animal use and abuse. I feel that sadly the video was a huge missed opportunity, but I do appreciate the message of the lyrics, which I have written down here. Perhaps some of you can relate in your own way.


I’ve got something on my mind
Makes me sad, it makes me cry, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Just an ordinary day
An animal will pass away, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Who’s to say he gets no rights
Even not the right to life

Don’t know why it leaves you cold
Don’t know how to make it show, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Through his eyes I look inside his heart
He can feel it, me and you
Can’t defend himself ‘cause he can’t talk
And this is why I talk to you

Johnny isn’t just a name
He stands for every creature’s pain, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Go ahead try to look inside his heart
You can find your own mistakes
Try to hide them, thinking he can’t talk
But he can read them in your face

Gotta give his skin away
For coats they wear on summer days, oh no

Tell me why it leaves you cold
I swear I’m gonna make it show, oh no
Johnny wanna live
You have the right to live

Composers: Cretu/Peterson/Hirschburger

Etsy Custom Order: Advanced Math Lesson

The other day an Etsy customer asked me to adapt my Elementary Math Lesson poster for her grade 8 classroom in a Christian school. I ended up with this (the formulas are real!):

Dream Away on Sunny Days

Today I wanted to show my new design “Dream Away on Sunny Days”. By now I have three different versions: the first one I made a few weeks ago for Lilla Rogers’ MATS course as a 12 x 12″ scrap booking sheet. For the second version, I made some additions to fit it on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet that could double as an art print (with the bottom labels separated) and as scrap booking pieces. The third version I made for Spoonflower’s “flying machines” contest, for which I removed all lettering but “Dream Away” and made sure no panel looks as if designed to be written in; I added flowers and other little icons for this purpose. The title was inspired by a song by the amazing F.R. David’s song “Dream Away” – the music and his voice sound so airy and carefree, which in my mind matched my drawings so well. :)

I can’t share a fabric image this week, since I only made #13 in the contest (which is only fair, with my constant luck!). But I have this inkjet print out that I think is just as good.

My 1-Year Spoonflower Anniversary – Tea Towel Calendar & Pattern

It’s been exactly one year since I set up my Spoonflower account and entered my first contest. The year went by like the wind, in part due to the 42 contest entries I created – including my current one, 2015 In Bloom, for the annual tea towel contest. If you like my design, please include it in your votes – thank you.

The towel is already for sale and was designed to be printed in the dimensions of linen-cotton canvas – one for $14 or four (= 1 yard) for $27. However, it is also possible to purchase it on paper as gift wrap or as wallpaper, and then cut them up into individual calendars.

I also created a matching repeat pattern, In Bloom – here is an excerpt:

Happy Lunch Hour: MATS Bolt Fabric Assignment

The first week of MATS has now passed and today was the deadline for our first assignment in the bolt fabric category – theme “Vintage Pyrex Dishes & Root Vegetables”. Creating many repeat patterns for Spoonflower in the past year made this assignment particularly enjoyable for me. However, I also made it a point to sway a little from the style I’ve been getting comfortable with in the last few months, primarily by heavily applying line drawings and hand lettering. I also made my pattern a bit messier and looser than usual, which I enjoyed for a change. I could picture this design as suitable for baby and children’s apparel, stationary, kitchen ware, etc, in the form of a pattern or as placement art. Here is my submission:

Today I also created a repeat pattern of the main design Happy Lunch Hour, with coordinates to follow, for Spoonflower.

Picture 68

“Vintage-y Housewarming Party” Card

Today I put together this card with a housewarming theme. I had actually planned to make 4 cards with different themes (over the course of this weekend) for an online card contest I was really excited about. But when reading the website’s terms and conditions (agreeing to which would mean forfeiting all rights to the design), I decided not to enter. Instead, I’ll share it here with you!