More Delightful Gift (Wrap) Ideas & Special Promos

In continuation from yesterday’s posting about gift wrap, today I’m introducing my new patterns created for Spoonflower’s current ornament contest. I made several colourways but narrowed it down to two for now. The upper one (Oldschool Ornaments) can be voted on here, if you like it. Both designs are already for sale as fabric, gift wrap and even wallpaper, which has many applications.

I’m also happy to have made it into Spoonflower’s tea towel calendar top 10 – thank you if you voted for it. Here are Spoonflower’s photos of my printed design – clicking on them takes you to the design page where they are for sale. Until Wednesday Nov.12, Spoonflower is having a special 2-for-1 offer for fat quarters. This applies to all designs, not only to tea towels. You can read more about it here.

And finally, Society 6 is also having a promotion with free international shipping + $5 off each item. Click here or copy and paste (and share!) this promo link required for my shop:

“Old Town” products on Society 6

As I was uploading files onto my Society 6 shop today, I found out that today they are having a free international shipping day!

These are some examples of products that are now for sale on Society 6 with my Old Town seasonal prints. If you decide to purchase anything but prefer a different scale, I may be able to customize the file for you. Just leave me a comment.

Picture 25

Artist Profile: Amy Gale

Dear readers, let me introduce an artist with a great sense of humor, an affinity for monsters and quirky characters, and a joyfulness that shines through in all of her work!

Her name is Amy Gale, and if you frequent Spoonflower’s contests or the “latest favorites” page, no doubt you are familiar with her art.

I had some questions for Amy, which I’m glad she took the time to answer for us:

Amy, how did you come to be an artist?

“I have always loved to draw and my dear mother was kind enough to pass along her artistic ability to me. I remember as a little girl getting out my box of 64 crayola crayons and just going to town with them!”

What is your favourite artistic medium?

“My favorite artistic medium is my colored pencils. I have a few different sets, and just staring at all of the beautiful colors of the pencils totally inspires many fun ideas! Once I start to draw, the ideas usually take form soon thereafter.”

Do you have a favourite shape?

“My favorite shape is definitely the circle. Many of my designs start with a circle and go crazy from there. What is cuter than big round heads and fat little round bodies? That has always been so appealing to me!”

Are there any subjects you are particularly drawn to?

“I am particularily drawn to creatures, monsters and generally the weird side of life…..quirkiness! If given a theme or topic, my mind instantly goes to the irreverent, humorous, or wacky side of things. I come from a long line of very silly people so this is not surprising!”

What and who inspires you?

“I would say nature inspires me greatly. I have a strong love of animals, plants, all things in the natural world. My mother is a big inspiration as well. She can paint, knit, quilt, sew ~ she has always inspired me to create and use my talents ~ has always encouraged my creativity and for that, I am so very grateful.”

Would you mind sharing some of your plans, hopes and dreams for your career as an artist?

“Well, being able to design my own fabrics to sew with was a dream I had, and having accomplished that, that is one item off the bucket list! I would love to open an etsy shop of my own one day as well as possibly write and illustrate a children’s book., as I am basically a big kid in an adult body!”

Thank you, Amy, for letting me feature your work!

Amy’s designs on fabric, giftwrap, decals and wallpaper:
Her art prints and on various merchandise:






Art on Society 6 products – no sewing required!

Some people have expressed to me that they love some of my designs but don’t possess any sewing skills. Well, they may be pleased to hear that many of my designs are now available on Society 6 at as art prints, and bit by bit on various merchandise as well. But of course also sells giftwrap, decals, and wallpaper, not only fabric.


My latest design, ‘Wellies & Brellies’, is available in the form of art prints as well as on skins/cases for laptops, ipads/pods/phones, and on a shower curtain, pillow, bag and clock. More designs to come soon.

If you ever have a particular request as far as what design to be available for what Society6 product, just leave me a comment!