New Stickers & Labels

Some new stickers I added to my Etsy shop: one set features icons from my surface pattern “Summer in Sarek” (the Swedish national park), while the other is a variety of labels to be used on anything from stationary to canning jars. I have actually been using the labels when mailing out my Etsy orders and for some time have been planning to offer them for sale.

Elementary Math Collection & Fabric Image

Math has never been my favourite school subject (actually, that’s an understatement!) but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enter this week’s math contest at Spoonflower. I felt the urge to draw a math design that was full of colour and icons that might appeal to children in particular. In the top left, you see my entry for the contest, Elementary Math Lesson. The other designs are coordinates: an abacus, numbers and fruits/mushrooms as a counting tool – I have put them all on Spoonflower as repeat patterns. There are various matching chevrons I made as well.

Since this design placed #4 in this week’s contest, here is Spoonflower’s fabric image – thank you so much to all who voted!

Greetings from the garden: Herbie wins landscaping award!

Herbie, my cute little gender-neutral character, has a green thumb, no, green hands and an even greener garden.

One of my earliest life-wishes has been owning a garden, and in more recent years this fantasy has evolved into a lush oasis crammed with plants: deciduous and evergreen trees and bushes, fruit trees, hedges, brick walls, a shed, a greenhouse, a gazebo, a maze, narrow hidden trails and corners, all crowned by an old beautiful house in the centre. Admittedly not exactly a modest fantasy.

Well, I may not have the privilege of owning (or having access to) such a garden, but I can draw one! Herbie’s garden collection is one attempt at capturing some of the features I love in a garden. And some of you liked Herbie’s landscaping (or lack of!) enough to vote it to the top 10 in last week’s “Herb Garden” contest on Spoonflower. Thank you – Herbie sends mossy regards from the green oasis!

Fabric image of “Herbie’s Green Oasis” (Christine Witte)
Fabric image of “Herbie’s Green Oasis” (Christine Witte)