Print & Pattern “Nature” Book Release

I was excited to hear that the latest book “Nature” by acclaimed Print & Pattern author and blogger Bowie Style (aka Marie Perkins) was released in the UK on Amazon today! I was fortunate to be included among the artists she approached. Marie was kind enough to send me this photo of the spread featuring some of my work. The left page shows my surface pattern designs Nordic Suzani Floral and Vintage Butterfly Garden, and the right page shows A Field Guide to Wildflowers. The publish date for the US on is February 7.



World Vegan Day

November 1 is world vegan day, which prompted this long-term vegan to get her pens out and computer on again after months of creative inactivity due to day job constraints.

Although veganism is a subject dear to my heart, I am usually a closeted vegan to avoid the stigma, hostility and fruitless discussions that sooner or later come up in mainstream society.

So much I could write here, but today I will only present my little drawing featuring some of the most consumed animal species worldwide (not shown are ducks, rabbits, turkeys, geese and goats, all part of the top 10).

I will also include a possibly not very well internationally known song that touches on the subject of animal use and abuse. I feel that sadly the video was a huge missed opportunity, but I do appreciate the message of the lyrics, which I have written down here. Perhaps some of you can relate in your own way.


I’ve got something on my mind
Makes me sad, it makes me cry, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Just an ordinary day
An animal will pass away, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Who’s to say he gets no rights
Even not the right to life

Don’t know why it leaves you cold
Don’t know how to make it show, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Through his eyes I look inside his heart
He can feel it, me and you
Can’t defend himself ‘cause he can’t talk
And this is why I talk to you

Johnny isn’t just a name
He stands for every creature’s pain, oh no
Johnny wanna live

Go ahead try to look inside his heart
You can find your own mistakes
Try to hide them, thinking he can’t talk
But he can read them in your face

Gotta give his skin away
For coats they wear on summer days, oh no

Tell me why it leaves you cold
I swear I’m gonna make it show, oh no
Johnny wanna live
You have the right to live

Composers: Cretu/Peterson/Hirschburger

Nordic Suzani Floral 2017 Agenda

A few months ago, Bookbinders Design approached me seeking to license my Nordic Suzani Floral pattern for their 2017 agenda. I highly recommend them as a contact to fellow illustrators, as my contact Philipp was wonderful to work with all around. He recently mailed me a copy of the agenda as it will be sold later this year (link to follow).

So far they kept the original palette – these images were taken with my matching gift wrap underneath. I think it’s a very usable and aesthetically pleasing agenda, measuring almost 7 by 8 inches, spiral-bound, with an elastic closure and weekly spreads. Here is a glimpse inside this lovely little book. :)








Camouflage Llama Family / Free shipping on Spoonflower

Last week’s contest theme at Spoonflower was llamas, for which I drew a design inspired by the habitats llamas are commonly found in. When reading about the Andes, I was drawn to the high-altitude Polylepis forests and woodlands with their beautiful shrubs and trees (and flowering cacti are found there as well).

Since my llamas made the top 10, here are photos of the printed fabric, courtesy of Spoonflower. Many thanks to anyone who voted for my design. :) It is now available on various fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap.

PS: Today, July 13, Spoonflower offers free international shipping for 24 hours (until July 14, 9am Eastern Standard Time).

Miami Beach Lemonade Stand

For Spoonflower’s recent lemonade contest, I drew a design inspired by the subtropical feel of Southern Florida. I wanted it to feature palm trees, lemon trees (and blossoms), parrots, a lemonade cart roof (like an awning), bottles, pitchers, glasses and of course lemons and raspberries. Since the design made the top 10 this week, I can share fabric images here. Many thanks to anyone who voted for my design! It is now available for sale on various types of fabrics, gift wrap and wallpaper.

Old Town Nostalgia – 4 seasonal colourways

Spoonflower’s contest of the week’s theme is “neighborhoods”, for which I drew pretty much my favourite subject matter: built and natural environments, here in the form of old houses and trees. Some of the houses, in turn, belong to my favourite house styles, featuring timber frames. There are different types of half-timbered houses in the world, and an even greater variety within each style.

As back with Spoonflower’s herb garden theme, for the neighbourhood contest I drew things I’ve been fond of (and wanted to live in) since childhood. Dreams that never fulfilled themselves. If you can’t have it (or be near it), at least you can draw something like it. I don’t know why, but I find there is some comfort in that.

Old Town Nostalgia by Christine Witte
Old Town in Spring
Old Town in Summer
Old Town in Fall
Old Town in Winter

August 19/20: free-swatch-day at Spoonflower

Today, starting at 12pm (noon) EST for 24 hours, Spoonflower will give away 1 free swatch per household of its new “eco canvas” fabric. You can choose from any designs that are available in the Spoonflower marketplace. International free shipping (of the swatch only).

For easy visual instructions, click here:

Red Riding Cat’s Blackforest Hike

My latest design shows Little Red Riding Cat on her way to her grandma’s house, with a scenery of forest, food, and of course ‘the wolf’. I made it in a specified palette for Spoonflower’s current hiking contest, which takes place here. You can view close-ups of the design here.

Votes get tallied Wednesday, Aug. 20 at noon eastern time, although the voting page always stays up until the next contest starts.

I am a little conflicted about even mentioning current contests here, but I see that this is common practice among many top contestants on Spoonflower and elsewhere. Needless to say, please vote for whatever you like.

Picture 20

Time to think about Christmas…

…if you’re an illustrator, that is. This is the time of year for the paper market (and probably others as well) to decide on their holiday designs. Holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day are long over in their books for this year.

As counter-intuitive as it felt given the season, I drew this holiday illustration over the last few days for Lilla Rogers’ Making Art that Sells (part B). We were to design a holiday card incorporating a gingerbread-house made of candy. While at it, I almost forgot about the holiday part, all immersed in wafers, truffles and lollipops!

This is my presentation sheet for the course, showing coordinates as well, but that’s only the beginning. With so many details in the drawing, I can get a lot more patterns out of it. Perhaps this will prove therapeutic for my chocolate addiction?


led to this!