First Day of School

It is the time of year when many children are approaching school, so when Spoonflower held its “What’s in your bag” contest, I was inspired by the German tradition of giving small gifts to first graders on their first day of school. These are presented in decorative cardboard cones and taken to school that day. The gifts are meant to make this first-school-day-day-ever a bit less anxiety-inducing. Many parents craft their own school cones for their children. The cardboard base can be wrapped in fabric or paper (such as gift wrap, hint!). Here is an example of a mid-1980s school boy taken from Wikipedia:

I luckily placed in the top 10 for this contest, so here at the fabric images provided by Spoonflower. Thank you so much to anyone who cast their vote for my “First Day of School”! :)  It is now available as fabric, gift wrap and even wallpaper!

Miami Beach Lemonade Stand

For Spoonflower’s recent lemonade contest, I drew a design inspired by the subtropical feel of Southern Florida. I wanted it to feature palm trees, lemon trees (and blossoms), parrots, a lemonade cart roof (like an awning), bottles, pitchers, glasses and of course lemons and raspberries. Since the design made the top 10 this week, I can share fabric images here. Many thanks to anyone who voted for my design! It is now available for sale on various types of fabrics, gift wrap and wallpaper.

Mojave Desert: Dusk & Dawn fabric image

This week’s results of the Spoonflower ‘South West’ contest took an unexpected turn when the winning design got removed and replaced with a different one. While copyright issues were the suspected cause elsewhere on the web, I will not speculate here and would rather congratulate Grace Design for being picked by Carousel Designs’ baby bedding line with her lovely dreamcatcher design.

I’m grateful to have made it to #3, which means I will receive a pillow printed with my design. Thank you so much to anyone voting for my Mojave desert. This is Spoonflower’s fabric image:

This design is now available on various types of fabric, two types of gift wrap and two types of wallpaper.

You can view all the top 10 here (vote tallies and the remaining 420 entrants have been removed since Spoonflower’s original posting).

Hide & Seek with Fifi

Once again I count myself lucky to have made it in Spoonflower’s top 10, this time for their beagles contest. I had originally hoped to make a scene with icon-overload but had only one day to make this design. Keeping it simple, here is Fifi the beagle doing his or her business in the blooming springtime park. :) This design is available for sale on fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper. Many thanks to anyone who voted for it!

Loony Spoony Yard Sale

Last week’s Spoonflower theme was ‘spoons’, for which I drew a variety of spoons with flowers, berry-like shapes and the occasional mushroom, with a textured background to look like on an old tablecloth. My entry “Loony Spoony Yard Sale” made it to the top 10 and I wanted to share Spoonflower’s fabric images. Many thanks to anyone who voted for it – I always appreciate it very much!

Black Sheep Habitat – Fabric Images

I wanted to share Spoonflower’s fabric images of my contest entry ‘Black Sheep Habitat’, which placed #3. Another big thank you to anyone who voted for it! I’m always glad when a design I created is well received. This print (and over 300 others!) is now for sale on fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper in my Spoonflower shop.

Magical Universe – Fabric Images & Collection

This week I placed #4 with my design “Magical Universe” in Spoonflower’s rocket contest. Once again, I’d like to thank anyone who voted for this design. There were so many great entries, all of which you can view here.

I have also prepared a few coordinating designs. The star constellations are based on actual ones out in space. I made lots of colourways of the stars and constellations, available for sale here.

These are photos of the design on fabric by Spoonflower:


Elementary Math Collection & Fabric Image

Math has never been my favourite school subject (actually, that’s an understatement!) but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enter this week’s math contest at Spoonflower. I felt the urge to draw a math design that was full of colour and icons that might appeal to children in particular. In the top left, you see my entry for the contest, Elementary Math Lesson. The other designs are coordinates: an abacus, numbers and fruits/mushrooms as a counting tool – I have put them all on Spoonflower as repeat patterns. There are various matching chevrons I made as well.

Since this design placed #4 in this week’s contest, here is Spoonflower’s fabric image – thank you so much to all who voted!

Lush Winter Garden: fabric images

Another week that I was fortunate to place in the top 10 of Spoonflower’s contest, “winter toile” in a monochromatic palette as the theme. My drawing was inspired by the botanical or floral style of toile du jouy. These are photos of the fabric, taken by Spoonflower. The design is available as fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper here. You can view all of the contest entries here.

These are some of the pen sketches I used for the design:

There were so many stunning entries that were a lot more toile-style than mine. Here is one of my very favourites, by the extremely skilled and talented Vincent Desjardins. I love so many things about this design, including the wind-blowing cloud man, the black lab, the little house tucked behind a hill, the snow man and the beautiful style of every illustration. Click on it to see it in swatch- and yard view, or to purchase it.

More Delightful Gift (Wrap) Ideas & Special Promos

In continuation from yesterday’s posting about gift wrap, today I’m introducing my new patterns created for Spoonflower’s current ornament contest. I made several colourways but narrowed it down to two for now. The upper one (Oldschool Ornaments) can be voted on here, if you like it. Both designs are already for sale as fabric, gift wrap and even wallpaper, which has many applications.

I’m also happy to have made it into Spoonflower’s tea towel calendar top 10 – thank you if you voted for it. Here are Spoonflower’s photos of my printed design – clicking on them takes you to the design page where they are for sale. Until Wednesday Nov.12, Spoonflower is having a special 2-for-1 offer for fat quarters. This applies to all designs, not only to tea towels. You can read more about it here.

And finally, Society 6 is also having a promotion with free international shipping + $5 off each item. Click here or copy and paste (and share!) this promo link required for my shop:

Eclectic Clock Collection – Fabric Images

I’m very happy that my entry for Spoonflower’s clock contest has placed #3 – this was a close one, with the winner receiving 418 votes and my design 410! But it’s always a pleasant surprise for me to be in the top 10 at all. Thank you to anyone who voted for it. You can view the rankings of all submissions here.

These are Spoonflower’s fabric images of my “Eclectic Clock Collection”:


Vintage Brollies in Downpour win Umbrella Contest!

To my delight, my design “Vintage Brollies in Downpour” has won Spoonflower’s umbrella contest – it received an unbelievable 638 votes amongst 353 designs. I am a little bit surprised, because I tend to measure my designs by their level of intricacy – and this design is just not *as* elaborate as many of my other designs; I’m thinking of my scenic layouts like Herbie’s Allotment Garden or Old Town Nostalgia. Over the course of almost 1 year on Spoonflower I have learned so much, and my latest lesson is that the amount of  time I spend drawing on a design does not predict its success. Mind you, with my umbrellas I did spend an agonizing amount of time on choosing the ‘right’ palette – once I decided on various shades of blue, adding the rain-like texture made so much sense and tied everything together.

I want to give anyone who voted for this design, and those who commented on it, my heartfelt thanks – it feels very special and lucky to me to win a Spoonflower contest. It is always humbling to see so many other great designs. I’m happy that mine was received so well.

These are Spoonflower’s photo images:

Top 10 Fat Quarter Bundle – Umbrella Contest

Greetings from the garden: Herbie wins landscaping award!

Herbie, my cute little gender-neutral character, has a green thumb, no, green hands and an even greener garden.

One of my earliest life-wishes has been owning a garden, and in more recent years this fantasy has evolved into a lush oasis crammed with plants: deciduous and evergreen trees and bushes, fruit trees, hedges, brick walls, a shed, a greenhouse, a gazebo, a maze, narrow hidden trails and corners, all crowned by an old beautiful house in the centre. Admittedly not exactly a modest fantasy.

Well, I may not have the privilege of owning (or having access to) such a garden, but I can draw one! Herbie’s garden collection is one attempt at capturing some of the features I love in a garden. And some of you liked Herbie’s landscaping (or lack of!) enough to vote it to the top 10 in last week’s “Herb Garden” contest on Spoonflower. Thank you – Herbie sends mossy regards from the green oasis!

Fabric image of “Herbie’s Green Oasis” (Christine Witte)
Fabric image of “Herbie’s Green Oasis” (Christine Witte)

Recipe of the Month: Mami’s German Apple Streusel Cake

Spoonflower’s latest contest theme is “Mom’s Recipe Tea Towels”, which was chosen with Mother’s Day in mind. But since there is always some time between creating a contest-design and the day the top 10 are announced (well over 1 week), I didn’t realize until today just how close Mother’s Day really is. I wanted to draw (and print) her a card, but mailing it takes at least 1 week!

My tea towel is really unrelated to Mother’s Day; it features my mom’s apple streusel cake which she came up with for one of my visits. Yes, it’s vegan, and it’s so delicious that my partner and I ate 90% of it in one sitting on the day she made it (really rude, you might think, but she was glad we loved it).

The design is completely hand-lettered and pen-drawn.

How do YOU feel about Mother’s Day?

EDITED May 9, 2014: This design placed in Spoonflower’s top 10, and here are some fabric images:

Moms Recipe Tea Towel Design Challenge Top Ten Winner: Mami's German Apple Streusel Cake by christinewitte

Moms Recipe Tea Towel Design Challenge Top Ten Winner: Mami's German Apple Streusel Cake by christinewitte

Wellies & Brellies make #2…and Rainy Day collection

If you’ve come here before, you may have already seen my ‘Wellies & Brellies’ print. I showed it here it a few weeks ago when I put it on Society6. I’m very happy that it reached #2 in the Wellies and Galoshes contest on Spoonflower with 238 participants. And yes, I’m surprised by this result once again. But perhaps I should stop saying that!?

I made a tiny collection (Rainy Day), if one can call it that with 2 coordinates. Here are Brellies & Wellies, Rain Clouds, and Rainbow Scallops:

If you like, you can view all designs and results here:

Wellies & Galoshes can be purchased here:

Fabric images by Spoonflower:

Wellies and Galoshes Design Challenge Top Ten Winner: Wellies & Brellies by christinewitte

Wellies and Galoshes Design Challenge Top Ten Winner: Wellies & Brellies by christinewitte

Wellies and Galoshes Design Challenge Fat Quarter Bundle

Forecasting sweet dreams tonight…#2 for Dream Town!

I’m ecstatic for my Dream Town design to be ranking 2 out of 254 in this week’s “Bedtime” Spoonflower contest!! I can’t believe it! I was already amazed at all the favourites it received; more than what I’ve been used to. But number 2? I’m really grateful for all those votes, favourites, and sweet comments! Thank you!

Coincidentally, I was thinking lately that I could use a new pair of pajama pants. The thought of making them out of this fabric makes me chuckle. But for now, I think this week’s little success is enough material for sweet dreams for me.


Spoonflower’s photos of this design and the top 10:

Bedtime Design Challenge Top Ten Winner: Dream Town by christinewitte

Bedtime Design Challenge Top Ten Winner: Dream Town by christinewitte

Bedtime Design Challenge Fat Quarter Bundle

And a link to the design page: